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We believe that the experience we give to our clients results in amazing images that are impassioned, honest, and never forced. We want you to enjoy the entire wedding experience just as much as you enjoy the priceless photographs you receive.

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Colorful Wedding at The Chicory

I live right down the street from New Orleans and let me just say, if ever there were a wedding to embody the energy of the city, this is it. With Sapphire Events New Orleans behind the helm, it's no surprise it's amazing, and if Dark Roux's images have anything to say on the matter, it's a wedding...


New Orleans Wedding from Dark Roux Photography

I love this wedding. Not because it was super gorgeous (even though it was) or perfectly planned (again, it was) but for the heart. The love that went into it. The brides wanted their favorite blooms, succulents, but because they were going to be hard to get in New Orleans... they grew them in their garden in California, packed them up in a suit case, and flew them to their wedding. And that is just one of the many amazingly heartfelt details...


New Orleans Wedding from Dark Roux Photography

We meet some crazy cool couples on the pages of SMP and today is no exception. This fabulously chill duo had us wishing we were on their guest list from the very first image. We're totally embracing their hip vintage vibe and laid-back (but still super stylish) Louisiana nuptials. With colorful florals and a flirty Lena Medoyeff dress, this wedding is DIY done right. Photography dream team, Jamie and Heather of...


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